Rosina's Blog

26th February 2009 10:36

Wow my thermostats had blown !!! lol

Haha !!!

My apologies for for being unavailable Mon 23rd and Tues 24th ,due to ' having no hot water '.

My problem has been sorted out , thank goodness and im available again for appointments.

My apologies again for any client who had pre-booked me ( i did try to let you know asap) , or the other gentlemen, who requested my sexy ultimate company these last two days.

Most gentlemen who know me , realise i take my profession seriously , and will not entertain  if im not happy to offer you my 100% time and company , and by havng no hot water i was embarassed!

Sorry again and hope to see you soon ?

Hope you like my pic of me in ROME ? xxxx 07816418567