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ROSINA loves her Roleplay/Uniforms sessions and i love to fulfill your fantasy and fetish through Roleplay.I have almost all popular uniforms and have gained much experience and enjoyment.


  • Nurse/Kinky Patient
  • Bitch Boss/Employee
  • Sexy Slut Secretary/Boss
  • Slutty Schoolgirl/Teacher
  • Headmistress/Student
  • Pornstar Audtion/Pervy Director
  • Sexy Air Hostess/Passenger
  • Naughty French Maid/Guest
  • Kinky Policewoman/Prisoner
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  • Service: Role Play
  • Dec 7 2020, incall

At the point when an excellent companion of mine was feeling so extremely low I considered Rosina and requested that her assistance cheer her up. She said "no issue" and she went along with us in an extremely devious 3 entirety. Well we as a whole realize that Rosina is so hot she could soften concrete so our tragic companion got quite a scorching exciting 4 hours of relentless fun it put an extraordinary huge grin all over which looked like it would keep going forever.

A decent observing to from Rosina arrives at the parts that different escorts can never at any point find.

She has kept me glad for a long time and each experience is an absolutely new treat.

I essentially venerate her.

- Newcastle Escort

  • Service: Role Play
  • Aug 26 2016, incall

AMAZING!!! is all I can say about all my appointments I've had with the fabulous Rosina.

As soon as I opened the door I enter the world of Rosina and her attention for detail in outfits, services and her skill is unforgettable.

We started of with Rosina face down and arse over the side of the bed with me give her gentle oral the way she likes until I feel the taste of her squirting all over me the way I like, and then stroking and kissing her Sexy super model legs and body up and down.

Rosina then insisting in returning the fun with the longest Deep throat BJ and swallowing the lot. She then drags me to the Bath to clean me with a golden shower.

Rosina you are Amazing!


- Tiger50Graham

  • Service: Role Play
  • May 28 2015, incall

Just had the most fantastic hour with Rosina. It was everything, and I mean everything, I could have wished for. Rosina is a lovely person who makes you feel both at ease and excited. We played with a selection of her 'toys', including some rather nice chocolate sauce! Very saucy!! I had a lot of fun with Rosina's version of the Sexy Secretary and we explored places which don't get sun tanned. The hour went by far to quickly and I floated out on Cloud 9. Rosina is gorgeous, sexy, fun and above all really nice. She is willing and able to do everything you could want, or even imagine, and yet she can still come up with ideas that will amaze and delight you. Thank you, Rosina, you are three-year!!

- Ad

  • Service: Role Play
  • Mar 17 2015, incall

Another fantastic role play. This time kinky policewoman and prisoner trying to get off going to jail. Rosina as ever was fantastic and got into the role expertly and with lots of fun. My request was made in advance of what my expectations were and they were met in every way and more. Very kinky covering tie and tease, corporal punishment, oral both ways, squirting, toys, strap on and snowball. Such a delight and Rosina is the best you will ever find. One in a million. Treat her with respect and she will give you the time of your life. Can't wait to see Rosina again.

- Mark-S

  • Service: Role Play
  • Jun 2 2014, incall

Another thoroughly enjoyable hour spent in the company of Rosina. We have been working through her extensive (and exhausting) wardrobe of uniforms and role play and this time she was such a horny, naughty PVC WPC! Absolutely gorgeous with the most wonderful retro lingerie under that tantalising uniform. It was a shame to have to undress her but I couldn't keep my hands or lips off her. After some wonderful varied and exciting play the session (and me!) climaxed with her riding me hard whilst I was held in light restraints on her bed. Truely a great experience - it is a pleasure to spend time in the company of such a friendly, considerate, attentive and wickedly dirty woman. I can't wait for the opportunity to arise for me to be able to make love to this lovely lady again. Highly highly recommended - but be aware she might blow your mind not just your....!!!!

- Peter

  • Service: Role Play
  • May 28 2014, incall

Another memorable session in my 7 year run with Rosina. As always, she teased me and took time to find out exactly what was going to turn me on that day. I've had 12 sessions with her over the years and each one has been different.

Rosina is one of the few escorts I've met who manages to combine pure filth with a lovely personality and conversation skills that makes it seem like visiting a friend. A very dirty friend! Hope I can keep it up for a few more years.

- Boxster

  • Service: Role Play
  • Aug 9 2013, incall

A fantastic hour plus with Rosina. Some great fantasy going from secretary to dom!!

I'll be back for more!!

- Davexx

  • Service: Role Play
  • Jun 26 2012, incall

Not sure I know enough superlatives to describe this woman. Truly incredible. The perfect outfit, an amazing body and the most wonderful skills. Simply wow. I have never experienced pleasure like I did with Rosina. Pretty sure most of the block heard me, oops... Will definitely be back for more. Cannot recommend Ros enough. :) xxxx

- Oliver

  • Service: Role Play
  • Mar 24 2012, outcall

I called Rosina and asked her to pretend to be an interflora delivery service to surprise my gorgeous birthday girl.
She turned up with a bunch of flowers, a card, and a prezzy, and imediantly turned our birthday party into a two hour full frontal porn festival.
Thanks Rosina, you were wonderful.
we all had a great time

- Vlinders

  • Service: Role Play
  • Feb 21 2012, incall

I couldnt resist popping over to see Rosina in her new pink PVC.
It just happened that her naughty friend Charlotte popped over too so this innocent little meeting got a bit out of hand.
A lot out of hand actually. Much yoo explicit to write about it here so I'd better sign off before I set fire to the PC
xxx Rugmuncher

- Rugmuncher

  • Service: Role Play
  • Oct 25 2011, incall

Met Rosina for the first time and she interviewed me for the position as her personal assistant. Dressed in a suitable business suit she looked like a very successfull business women.
The desktop interview was tough and the practical tasks that she made me carry out to her orders were exacting. The Boss put me through a very strict and erotic series of demanding excercises that left me hoping that I am the one who gets the job
What an interview

- D

  • Service: Role Play
  • Oct 20 2011, incall

I visit Rosina once a month: I'd be there once a week if I could afford it.

She has it all: VFM, a Rolls-Royce service and a personality which would put anyone at ease.

For this appointment we decided on naughty schoolgirl roleplay with spanking, squirting, lots of mutual rimming and oral and Rosina pleasuring herself with a selection of toys whilst I attended to other areas!

I chose this time to finish the session with a suberb BJ and CIM which she greedily swallowed.

Gentlemen, believe the hype. Nobody comes close to this lovely lady. If Carlsberg did escorts.......

- the cat

  • Service: Role Play
  • Mar 17 2011, incall

Another top notch session with Nurse Rosina. After knowing an escort for a couple of years I find things often turn dull. They lose their spark or maybe take a client for granted. Not with Rosina. I've known her for 4 years, she always gives maximum effort and seems to get dirtier every time. She's always got something new to surprise you with in that little box of tricks! Definitely a three Weetabix girl.

- Boxster

  • Service: Role Play
  • Jan 31 2011, incall

I just popped over the river to pay my respects to my aunt Rosina who had been recently bereaved by losing half her regular guys in the St Valentines Day Massacre when Al Capones Gang Machine Gunned most of Bugsy Spiegals Mob in a garage.
I had just entered Aunt Rosina's Appartment when I was confronted by a very angry looking Gangster who threatened me with a fate worse than death.
Then this evil looking mobster started laughing and took off her fedora hat and loostened her pin stripe suit to reveal non other than my favourite horny bitch and proceeded to give me a rip roaring cardio vascular work out.
Thanks Beauty, It's always a pleasure and a lot of naughty fun to see you again and again.
My dongle has been well and truly dingled
XXX till next time.

- Big Dongle From Detroit

  • Service: Role Play
  • Jan 14 2011, incall

Friendly, polite, gorgeous, horny as hell and a dirty little minx to boot.

Let's just say that my job interview was probably the best one I'll ever have to endure. If only all bosses could be as demanding as Rosina.

- Mark

  • Service: Role Play
  • Dec 15 2010, incall

Things were getting dicey at Heathrow but Rosina had no trouble taking off with her pilot's cap on. We were both on full thrust the whole time.

I've been seeing Rosina for 4 years now and she never disappoints, always manages to combine being warm and friendly with being very, very dirty. She's a genuine escort who is in it for the long term so always makes sure you want to come back. Just wish I lived nearer to Newcastle.

- Boxster

  • Service: Role Play
  • Jul 14 2010, incall

Yep; that's right, 2 days running.

Why ? Because she cares and because I enjoyed myself so much and because she's more than a little addictive.

Personality, outfits, attitude, sex appeal and caring. Rosina has the complete set to satisy.

If you're a slow starter or nervous she puts you at ease and gets the best out of you.

If you're experienced and willing, trust me, she will still surprise you and repay calling back


- Martin

  • Service: Role Play
  • Oct 14 2009, outcall

Well doesn't time fly.
Another month gone by and time for my latest treatment form Nurse Rosina.
Ive mentioned before that her treatment techniques are a bit unusual.
This one was quite unique too., and involved a trip to a private remote country house clinic in a lovely old country mansion converted into a high class hotel where we enjoyed a couple of hours of sensual group therapy administered by a couple of experts skilled in the art of imaginative sexual stimulation.
The treatment worked wonders for me and Rosina thoroughly enjoyed it too.
All in all it was a diary day above all other diary days.
Thanks Darlin. You never dissapoint me
I wonder what we'll do next time

- Sand Dancer

  • Service: Role Play
  • Jul 8 2009, incall

When I first visited Rosina’s clinic a few weeks ago, I was a bit surprised by her unique therapeutic techniques.
She was definitely unorthadox. But her therapy worked wonders for me.
I took out a special medical insurance policy to ensure I could get continuous treatment from her.
At first my insurers were not very co operative. They said my problem was more like cosmetic surgery, and was not a life threatening essential requirement.
I protested and told them my quality of life definitely depended upon Rosina’s special techniques.
Now I am delighted they have agreed to refer me to Rosina’s clinic for all my future requirements.
I’ve just had a treatment session with this wonderful woman and found to my delight she has devised a long term treatment plan for me which does not depend upon medication (apart from a Viagra tablet or two)
Her treatment is almost entirely Physical, relying upon lots of vigorous erotic exercises.
Rosina is the most erotically accomplished lady I have ever known.
She is without doubt a superstar and
I am a very happy man.
I cant wait for my next appointment
xxx Sand dancer

- Sand Dancer

  • Service: Role Play
  • May 21 2009, incall

Dearest Rosina,
Last week I was very run down
So tired and lacking in energy
I consulted my doctor who recommended a course of
over the counter vitamins which didn’t help at all.
Then I heard of your private clinic offering specialist
consultation, clinical examination, psychological advice, and particular
treatment to create wellbeing and good health in older gentlemen.
I’m so glad I enrolled for a trial examination and first course of treatment.
Your relaxing massage soothed away all my anxieties and your following
examinations, although very intimate, were so thorough that I lost all inhibitions
and my whole body was invigorated so much more than I would ever have expected.
I feel so much better that I have just decided to leave the NHS and sign up for private medical insurance so I can receive a personal monthly check up in your professional care.
My sincere gratitude
Sand dancer xxx

- Sand Dancer

  • Service: Role Play
  • Feb 28 2009, incall

Rosina never ceases to amaze me with her enthusiasm an attention to detail.A certain very horny lady friend of mine had been reading her reviews including those with a M / F Couple/
She asked if I would take her to see Rosina.
So I askede Rosina
"No problem - Bring her along" She replied
Is she "BI" asked Rosina -- "very" I replied
Well. we had to wait a whilt till we all had free time together and we finally got together.
I thought I would write a hot review but I just cant do it
It was such an unbelievably naughty time that if I tried to tell the lurid details, it would probably burn the screen off all your PC's
Lets just say all three of us had a wonderful time and cant wai to do it again
Thanks Rosina from a ver happy HOG and my still tremblong girlfriend. xxxxx