Tie & Tease

This service is also one of my favourites too. I just love to take control by blindfolding you ,and restraining your arms and legs with my chain restraints on my bed or just your arms on my door restriant !

The teasing will then begin and i aim to keep your pleasure points pulsating until you are begging for mercy and orgasmal relief.I have all the equipment to keep the pleasure building up, including......

  • Soft feathers
  • Fur paddle
  • Whips
  • Riding Crop
  • Vibrating Dildos/Butt Plugs
  • Cock Ring/Vibrating cock restraints
  • Electro wand


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  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Dec 7 2020, incall

At the point when an excellent companion of mine was feeling so extremely low I considered Rosina and requested that her assistance cheer her up. She said "no issue" and she went along with us in an extremely devious 3 entirety. Well we as a whole realize that Rosina is so hot she could soften concrete so our tragic companion got quite a scorching exciting 4 hours of relentless fun it put an extraordinary huge grin all over which looked like it would keep going forever.

A decent observing to from Rosina arrives at the parts that different escorts can never at any point find.

She has kept me glad for a long time and each experience is an absolutely new treat.

I essentially venerate her.

- Newcastle Escort

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Aug 26 2016, incall

AMAZING!!! is all I can say about all my appointments I've had with the fabulous Rosina.

As soon as I opened the door I enter the world of Rosina and her attention for detail in outfits, services and her skill is unforgettable.

We started of with Rosina face down and arse over the side of the bed with me give her gentle oral the way she likes until I feel the taste of her squirting all over me the way I like, and then stroking and kissing her Sexy super model legs and body up and down.

Rosina then insisting in returning the fun with the longest Deep throat BJ and swallowing the lot. She then drags me to the Bath to clean me with a golden shower.

Rosina you are Amazing!


- Tiger50Graham

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Aug 4 2014, incall

I entered the apartment and turned round as Rosina is behind the door when you enter. She was dressed in a PVC Dominatrix outfit with a short skirt and knee high boots with a hundred buckles on each boot.

I could have shot my load just looking at her. Right out of a Femdom porn film.

She was the classic PVC Dominatrix, she was even wearing long black PVC gloves which I would soon feel over my cock and best of all she was there for ME for the next 90 minutes... or to be more correct, I was to be there for HER, for this meetings scenario was that of a Sex Slave.

Rosina's Mild Dom service.

We went through to her lounge, had a chat and did the paperwork. I noticed that she always puts a porn film on the telly relevant to whatever scenario I have asked for. This time it was a Femdom video. I wasn't interested in the video as I had my own Femdom 90 minutes film ahead of me and I was the leading actor. :-)

I'd already listed my likes and dislikes to Rosina in the AW email exchange and bless her she had read my previous lists (I've seen her 5 times now, each time a different fetish adventure) and she had included my previous list in her plan for the next 90 minutes.

I undressed and had a quick shower to ensure that I was totally clean (it helps lads!) and was tied with my face to the bathroom door with my arms above me. Rosina whipped my arse with just the right amount of pain.

Not too little to make it pointless but enough to sting but not leave a red weal. Important when you have a partner to go back to.

What are those marks on your arse? Look like whip marks to me! Huh? Answer me, where have you been?!! :-(

I had to count off on each whip and was then turned round to face Rosina. She pulled my balls and gave my cock a quick suck-tease to reward me for not whimpering.

She then sat down on the bed and played with her pussy even licking her juice off her own fingers. I couldn't get close still being tied to the door. What a tease!

She then told me what my duties were. I was to be her sex slave, her sex toy and her piss slave. Fuuuuuuk! I was breathing like Usain Bolt on the 100m dash! You know what I am talking about guys, that heavy anticipation of extreme sex approaching. THAT is why you are there!

Some more light whipping on the cock and balls and I was untied and shackled to the bed by my arms and legs, Face up. I was lightly whipped on the cock and balls, this was a lot lighter but it still makes you jump. The Mistress then sat on my face and forced me to lick her to orgasm.

Took about 5 minutes of constant licking and sucking. She instructed me on what to do and how hard to do it. I fucked up and sucked too hard and got a 6-whip on the balls as punishment. (yum)

She continued to use my tongue on her pussy and then on her arse until she came. I was told not to stop even if my tongue was tired. Eventually she shuddered to an orgasm on my face. I had then to clean her cum from her pussy.

She got off my tongue, turned round and squirted buckets onto my face. Heaven! I have a moustash and could still smell her squirt hours later at home. (Which brought on a post-meeting wank!)

Mistress Rosina is not unkind and used the towel to remove her squirt from my eyes, which were like piss puddles. She was rather horny and gushes a lot when horny. She had just cum!

I obviously had to clean her squirt from her legs and pussy lips which I did willingly. It tasted and smelt of SEX. Concentrated SEX! If I had been able to get my hand onto my cock I would have cum then with just a few strokes but I was tied to the bed. (That is what happened last meeting.)

She turned me over and told me to kneel on the bottom of the bed. She kneeled on the top half and I had to pleasure and tongue her arse for what seemed like 20 minutes whist she frigged herself to another orgasm. The next day the ligament under my tongue was still tired from all the licking... you know the feeling guys... Great isn't it! It's a reminder of the fun you had.

You're walking round work with a tired tongue from rimming your mistress's arse for 20 minutes. Yeah! It also goes into your Wank-bank for later on.

After cumming again we swapped places and she rimmed me for 10 minutes as a reward. She is really good at this guys so make sure you are clean. I also de-haired using Veet two days prior. Nowt worse than spitting out ass-hairs.

I was turned over, tied to the bed and Mistress spent some time torturing my cock and balls with her mouth even getting both balls into her mouth at the same time and pulling.

Now I was put in the kneeling position and my arms were tied to the bed.

Mistress Rosina played with my arse with her PVC gloves after a light rimming and started to insert different toys into my arse. She finished with a strapon and looking underneath myself I could see her stockinged legs as she fucked me... Hard.

Not content with the small strapon Mistress moved up to a bigger one and fucked me hard again. She wasn't too quick and allowed my arse to relax so I could enjoy the feeling of her cock ramming deep into my arse. Next time I hope to work my way up to her new vibrating strapon, it's a biggie.

Right slave, relax there whilst I prepare the bath. Mistress needs a piss and you are her Piss Slave she stated and a minute later I was commanded to the bath when I had to lay down in a small layer of warm soapy water. So much better than naked skin on a cold porcelain bath.

Done that elsewhere and I was shivering whilst being pissed on. A great passion killer.

Mistress Rosina stood above me (her boots had long come off) in her stockings and pissed over my cock and then on my face. All the time this is building up the sexual tension in me and I was dying to cum.

A quick shower later and I was strapped to the bed again face-up and Rosina sat on my face and played with my cock and balls. With my tongue firmly up her arse I shot my load having a whole of body orgasm. I juddered for at least two minutes so intense was the cum!

I shouted just before I came and Rosina took my cock in her mouth and took all my cum into her mouth. She drained the last drop of cum from my cock and turning round snowballed it into my mouth....

I went Ewe and swallowed (I did list snowballing on my list) and was told off. I was supposed to swap it back to her, and her back to me with passionate French kissing until it eventually disappeared.

Next time Rosina! LOL

Rosina slowly teased me, eking out the last of my massive orgasm teasing my cock and nipples.

When I could at last move again we chatted and I took a shower.

My legs were weak and my tongue knackered. My face smelt of squirt and I had yet another sexual adventure with Rosina in my Wank Bank.

A great 90 minutes. We did go over time slightly but as you will read in other reports there is no clock watching from Rosina.

So what is Mild Dom?

It is FemDom but without the red weals on your arse, without the candle burns on your cock or holes in your nipples where needles have been pushed through.

Rosina is very good at it adjusting the pain according to your level but without going into the Leaving marks level.

She also loves doing it and gets a lot of pleasure out of it. (as do I)

If you are a hardcore femdom lover who wants to be abused until you break, until there is blood on your body and you are whimpering in the fatal position on the floor, this is not for you, but if you love watching the Femdom porn and want to experience it without any telltale signs (and stay horny throughout) then I cannot recommend Rosina von Tease enough.

It is like having Femdom sex with your girlfriend rather than a Dominatrix who hates men.

I have had 5 meetings with Rosina, and each time we live a different kink.

It was medical exam last time. Next time... hmm, Kinky masseuse, Police officer or maybe Rosina will be MY Slave.

The choice is mine. That is what I like about Rosina von Tease.

I have mentioned Facesitting to some dominatrix and they have told me they don't do that with just anyone!

Well I don't give my time and money to just anyone.

I give it to Rosina von Tease.

You won't regret it.

- Pytor

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Jun 2 2014, incall

Another thoroughly enjoyable hour spent in the company of Rosina. We have been working through her extensive (and exhausting) wardrobe of uniforms and role play and this time she was such a horny, naughty PVC WPC! Absolutely gorgeous with the most wonderful retro lingerie under that tantalising uniform. It was a shame to have to undress her but I couldn't keep my hands or lips off her. After some wonderful varied and exciting play the session (and me!) climaxed with her riding me hard whilst I was held in light restraints on her bed. Truely a great experience - it is a pleasure to spend time in the company of such a friendly, considerate, attentive and wickedly dirty woman. I can't wait for the opportunity to arise for me to be able to make love to this lovely lady again. Highly highly recommended - but be aware she might blow your mind not just your....!!!!

- Peter

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • May 28 2014, incall

Another memorable session in my 7 year run with Rosina. As always, she teased me and took time to find out exactly what was going to turn me on that day. I've had 12 sessions with her over the years and each one has been different.

Rosina is one of the few escorts I've met who manages to combine pure filth with a lovely personality and conversation skills that makes it seem like visiting a friend. A very dirty friend! Hope I can keep it up for a few more years.

- Boxster

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • May 14 2104, incall

Just got back from an hour with Rosina and my feet have not yet touched the ground! Mindblowing, fantastic, gorgeous, beautiful and a lot of fun! She is without any doubt whatsoever the very, very best! This was my 4th visit and she just gets better and better. She has a body to die for, a beautifully dirty mind and nothing is too much trouble. Marks out of ten - at least fifteen!!!

- Ad

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Jan 7 2014, incall

Spent the most wonderful hour with Rosina. Left with the broadest smile on my face and legs like jelly following an absolute knee wobbling experience. I won't recount all the amazing things she did to me, over me or with me suffice to say I could not stop kissing her all over I could have eaten her all up!- she is lovely,; friendly, welcoming, thoughtful and chatty but oh so wonderfully sensual, erotic and disinhibited. A truely awesome experience that I will have to repeat...nothing I have experienced before has ever come close- thank you so much, Rosina xxx

- Peter

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Mar 15 2013, incall

Very professional! Met a few mistresses but Rosina is top of the list now. Very friendly, makes you feel relaxed and does what you would like. Il be back!

- Loneranger2012

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Nov 29 2012, incall

I hadn't seen Rosina for far too long and was feeling so horny when I came to this appointment. I couldn't wait to get my hands on her and to bury my face in her brand new size F boobs. She was dressed in a new Spanish Senorita outfit but she was soon naked for me and ravished me with one of her trade mark supercharged PSE attacks. Rosina, I adore you. You've kept me deliriously happy for a long time and I know I'll still be chasing your tail for many years to cum

- Eddie

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Jun 22 2012, incall

hi again rosina. dont no if you will remember me i was the one that felt gualtyand lef how wrong was i haha.guys this girl is amazing!!! she is everything a man fantasies about the lady is a legend... and rosina forget the guilty part im over that so ill be back to see you soon xxx

- paul

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Aug 6 2012, incall

I used to be a frustrated,depraved, geriatric, horny old goat. until about 7 years ago, when I met Rosina.
Now I'm a very happy and contented depraved, geriatric, horny old goat.
Rosina is very clever.
She reachesthe erogenous zones that other escorts have'nt even heard of.
I hope it lasts for ever.
xxxxx Vlinders

- Vlinders, a satisfed client

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Apr 25 2012, outcall

When a very good friend of mine was feeling so very low I called Rosina and asked her to help cheer her up. She said "no problem" and she joined us in a very naughty 3 sum. Well we all know that Rosina is so hot she could melt concrete so our sad friend got such a red hot fun filled 4 hours of non stop fun it put a great big smile on her face which looked as though it would last forever.
A good seeing to from Rosina reaches the parts that other escorts can never even find.
She has kept me happy for many years and every experience is a totally new treat.
I simply adore her.
Poeseater xxx

- The Samaritans

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Feb 22 2012, incall

This was my first escort meeting, so was quite nervous about what was about to unfold. Good parking available rosina then told me her apartment number and as i got out the lift the door opened and stood there was this tall slim big titted beauty, dressed in just what i asked pvc and thigh length boots, so down to earth made me feel comfortable and at ease from the very start services offered are amazing and rosina's oral ability's are out of this world!! Will be back to see her again soon if she lets me x

- Tom

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Feb 21 2012, incall

I couldnt resist popping over to see Rosina in her new pink PVC.
It just happened that her naughty friend Charlotte popped over too so this innocent little meeting got a bit out of hand.
A lot out of hand actually. Much yoo explicit to write about it here so I'd better sign off before I set fire to the PC
xxx Rugmuncher

- Rugmuncher

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Feb 16 2012, incall

i had a wonderful time with the beautiful Rosina. She's great to talk to, sexy, beautiful, has a body to die for and is just an all round lovely girl. She totally blew my mind. Thank you Rosina for a lovely time and i can't wait to see you again. Dan x

- Dan

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Nov 25 2011, incall

Im a long time admirer of gorgeous raunchy Rosina and when she revealed her new outfits I couldnt resist a quick trip over to mhers for a red hot sizzling session in her easy entry new red PVC catsuit.
OMG it was fooking fantastic
Thanks darlin. See you again very soon.

- Rugmuncher

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Oct 25 2011, incall

Met Rosina for the first time and she interviewed me for the position as her personal assistant. Dressed in a suitable business suit she looked like a very successfull business women.
The desktop interview was tough and the practical tasks that she made me carry out to her orders were exacting. The Boss put me through a very strict and erotic series of demanding excercises that left me hoping that I am the one who gets the job
What an interview

- D

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Oct 24 2011, outcall

Recently had a second visit from Rosina. Had to find out if it could
be as good as the first visit, it turned out to be even better.
Rosina is a beauty who really knows how to please a man.
The photos on her site are accurate, as are any descriptions.
Her enthusiasm and energy are beyond compare.
Treat her well, she's an absolute gem.

- Kev

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Oct 20 2011, incall

I visit Rosina once a month: I'd be there once a week if I could afford it.

She has it all: VFM, a Rolls-Royce service and a personality which would put anyone at ease.

For this appointment we decided on naughty schoolgirl roleplay with spanking, squirting, lots of mutual rimming and oral and Rosina pleasuring herself with a selection of toys whilst I attended to other areas!

I chose this time to finish the session with a suberb BJ and CIM which she greedily swallowed.

Gentlemen, believe the hype. Nobody comes close to this lovely lady. If Carlsberg did escorts.......

- the cat

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Oct 6 2011, incall

I booked a naughty afternoon with my favourite Rosina, and I did ask another
beauty to join us.
This time I prefer to keep the details strictly to ourselves by we all agreed it was the best Thursday any of us had ever known
Thanks Rosina and Ellie for a wonderful experience

- Rugmuncher

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Nov 9 2027, incall

What an experience!Best time of my life there,absolute stunning model,superb action in bed,had me moaning and groaning in seconds! Rosina squirted her juices over me TWICE!! and they tasted awesome!! So sweet,don't miss out on the hottest fun u could possibly have!!

- Mr.T

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Sep 21 2011, incall

Ive just spent another wonderful couple of hours with Rosina.
She's given me lots of great pleasure for a lot of years and she still thrills me whenever I see her.
This time was even more horny raunchy fun than I can remember for a long time.
You're like a fine wine which I should sip slowly but Im a greedy old git and I want all of you in a hurricane of sexual excess.
And you never fail to make me happy.
xxx Rugmuncher

- Rugmuncher36

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Sep 20 2011, incall

Just to let you all know. No longer using an escort, or whatever applicable word is for being with an escort. Never seen this lady for 2 years but can tell you in flat and straight forward language. Do not go anywhere else. (I mean it). She gives the best and always will. At least you can trust her to give what she will and never lies about herself. Her pictures show she gets what she wants from us and we know we get what we want from her, within reason,unless you are a s*** h*ad. she is to be trusted 100%. well done and good luck, enjoy many holidays you deserve it,ohh I wonder why she never gets a bad review!! mmnnn! now you can read a review and know what you will get.


  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Aug 1 2011, incall

I spent two glorious hours in the very capable and delicate hands of Rosina; what a start for a first timer. Her apartment is discretely tucked away with easy access from a nearby car park. Her welcome was warm and tender. She is a wonderful woman who puts you at ease from the outset. While you are with her, her entire focus is on making you have a very memorable experience. She has an incredible body and stamina to match and an inner and outer beauty that is rare to find. She has wonderful hands and a beautiful mouth which she used with passion over every inch of my body. What transpired during our two hours was fantastic, but is not for here as, it should stay as it was at the time; a very private and intimate experience.
Rosina you gave me a most memorable and exhilarating time, you helped me try things I have never done before. You are a treasure and a joy to be with. Will I visit again, you bet, but for three hours next time.
Thank you Rosina, I had a wonderful time, you have made me feel twenty years younger.

- Cunning Lad

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Jul 13 2011, incall

I ran like the clappers to catch Rosina before she went off on holiday and had a lovely time with her as I always do. I waited eagerly for her return and was not dissapointed.
She popped my cork like a bottle of champaigne.
OK ! I didnt explode quite the same as a vintage Dom Perrier but Rosina squeezed a few squirts from me and put a huge smile on my face. Thanks Rosina I luv u 2 bitz.

- Rugmuncher36

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Jul 16 2011, incall

Since Rosina's flying off on holiday soon, I thought I'd better catch her before she went.
I'm partial to a bit of spicy stuff but I find Indian Curries and Thai spicy dips a bit too mild for me so I made a reservation at Rosina's Cantina where her sizzling hot Latina Tex Mex Jalapeno menu is legendary.
I was not dissapointed.
I chose her unique entree because she is an expert in transforming my humble little chipollata into a salami with just a flick of her tongue and some special teasing with her lips and mouth.
Then, with an ultra thin covering for protection, she straddled me and plunged my salami into her red hot juicy hot pot to simmer for a while. Once she had me cooked to perfection, she squirted some of her lady juice over me before she milked my naughty salami dry.
For desert, I chose her fresh fig which I cut in half to reveal its remarkable resemblance to a vagina, before I gently prized it open with my eager tongue to sample and enjoy the erotic taste of her honey sweet juices.
Yes Indeed, lunch with Rosina is a real treat.
Thanks for a nice time and I'll see you again soon.
xxx Rugmuncher

- Rugmuncher36

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • May 12 2011, incall

WOW, amazing lady, Arrived at house and was presented with a stocking clad sex bomb - within in seconds we deeply - kissing and then found our way to the bedroom ( what a cute view as I walked behind!)
I loved her sensuous oral technique and could easily have come again nad again - what a girl!

This girl is a real lady and deserves to be treated with respect - she obviously enjoys her men - so be sensible and the dividends will be fantastic. A pleasure to have met and played with her.

Thanks and i will return!

- Paul

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Dec 22 2010, outcall

As a dedicated long time admirer of Rosina I invited her to join me in an adventure to a lovely rural country house hotel far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
I invited an extremely beautiful and very raunchy bisexual lady to join us to celebrate our last adventure of an adventure filled 2010.
This is Rosina's personal website so I wont reveal any lurid detailds of our encounter except to say it was an unforgettable afternoon of pure joy.
I cant wait to do it again in 2011
Thanks Rosina, for this afternooand Dancern and many others throughout the year.
xxx S

- Sand Dancer

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Dec 16 2010, incall

I have just returned from an afternoon with Rosina I have had two hours of total ecstasy this was my first time with a escort I was quite nerves at first but this superb lady put me at ease straight away she has a body to die for and by all accounts I have started at the top of the tree I don’t think it is worth looking at other escorts as a I am sure I will be disappointed. It's clear that Rosina enjoys her work and she puts a great deal of effort and energy into giving her clients a good time Once in her apartment (classy and discreet) I was confronted by this Amazonian vision, dressed in the black p v c and thigh length boots as requested, I wont go in to the details of what happened once we entered her bed room all I will say I still have a big smile on my face.
If there was a bad thing in seeing Rosina it is that she is an exceptional lady with. Dark sexy sultry look she is extremely sexy and dirty but a lady as well. But I have come away from my visit with an addiction to see her again and again
Thank you very much Rosina or should I say GODDESS xxxxxxx

- Steve

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Oct 16 2010, incall

visited Rosina whilst working in Newcastle for the day. All I can say is you simply WILL NOT find better. Rosina is the real deal and she will definitely teach you a thing or two.
Rosina loves her job, takes it very seriously and it certainly shows. She can put you at ease immediately and is a warm and caring person. Her aim is to make you leave feeling 100% satisfied and sets the benchmark for an escort service. Even though I travelled over 200 miles, I will make sure to visit her again when in the North East. Do not waste time and money with anybody else and I can honestly say this was the best experience I have had.

- midlands boy

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Nov 5 2010, incall

Visited Rosina on Friday afternoon. Bloody hell, what a woman!!!

After an initial kiss and fondle, we got our kit off in the lounge (with good porno movies on the TV) and 'retired to bed' - what can I say??? It was fantastic, magnificent, wonderful and bloody sexy. We explored every part of each other (- and I have to say, Rosina's parts are well worth exploring!)!

We sucked, nibbled, licked and kissed everything imaginable - and some more!! I ended up exploding all over her - again and again and again!! Mind blowing!!

If you want the very best, go no further than Rosina. She is the ~VERY best!!One word of caution, this girl could seriously damage you physically and mentally ( but you would wouldn't mind one bit).

Thanks Rosina, you are out of this world, fantastic and mind-blowingly sexy!!


- Tom

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Oct 12 2010, incall

Rosina is the Cleopatra of Newcastle. She just needs her sail barge to drift down the Tyne... I often comment to her, on her dark sexy sultry looks. When it comes to Rosina its not all about the packaging. She knows how to make you feel like you are floating on air after a session with her. She can put anyone to ease and take them to a different, wonderful, pleasure filled place. I always feel like I want more more more!

If you are thinking reading this should I? YES you should! Your missing out on the most amazing forbidden fruit! X

- Geoff

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Oct 6 2010, incall


I’m old enough to have missed out on the sexual revolution of the sixties.
No top shelf mags, no porn movies, no experience of naughty fun.
But since I discovered X-North, I’ve been like a kid in a sweet shop.
So many sexy girls to chose from and, at my age, so little time to enjoy them all.
I tried to copy the busy bee and fly from flower to flower drinking
nectar and depositing seed with as many blossoms as I could, till I realised I was rapidly approaching the alhzeimers danger zone.
The mind began to stumble a bit and those of my bits which hadn’t
gone missing, weren’t working very well any more.
So, a couple of days ago, I took a recount and returned to my favourite X-Girl for a bit of quiet TLC, and popped over to see Rosina.
I forgot that, although Rosina is quite good at TLC, she is really a world class expert in the science of PSE which she has developed into a fine art.

Well, after I told her of my predicament, She said “I’ve got just the thing for you” “ You need some of my special rejuvenating therapy, reserved for my elderly clients”

I had been expecting something very gentle but, NO WAY !!!!!

She just ravished me till all my aches and pains disappeared.
She stimulated all the parts that had forgotten how to work.
When she began to whisper her special psychological audio erotic suggestions into my ears, (and what naughty suggestions they were too ), I began to feel the years rapidly receding from me, and my former youthful vigour returning.

Rosina, You are a genius, possessed of magical erotic powers.
To greet me as a xxxxxxty year old geriatric and send me away a couple of hours later feeling like a well satisfied younger middle aged gent.

Full of pride having enjoyed virtually every bit of fun imaginable.
I’m only concerned that if she rejuvenates me at this rate, She’ll ask me for my birth certificate to prove I’m over the age of consent
before she will see me again.

Thanks so much Rosina, for prolonging my life.
I hope to see you very soon again, and again, and again

xxx Jack

- Jumping Jack Flash

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Jul 13 2010, incall

What can you say ? Rosina is playful, active, imaginative, sensual and sexy.

Always attentive to her visitors needs, she is still Rosina, adding her little twist to whatever her visitor needs and desires.

Chatty, personable and interested in YOU as a person. she is determined to find what you need and how to deliver it best. she takes infinite pains to ensure that you leave tired and with a smile. I did, and I came back the next day as well


- Martin

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Jun 1 2010, incall

I am sick and tired of reading reviews about other people writing per chance, others think they are talking about escorts. Rosina was a beautiful, elegant lady who was sweet, gentle and kind. Worth seeing as herself, just what any man or whatever your persuasion could want. Stunning, should only be opened in case of emergencies, and gosh find any emergency, King Kong the 8th wonder of the world!! afraid not Rosina is it, but then again the parthanon is miles away, Rosina is not! What a gem. Treat with respect and you will certainly get repaid tenfold.

- p of darlington

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • May 5 2010, outcall

Well ! This was it ! The ultimate Thrill.
Im totally besotted with this absolutely gorgeous creature.
When she says shes our no 1 Porn Star Escort, shes not kidding.
Ive enjoyed her "Filthy FunGuaranteed"
PSE so many times and never ever been disappointed-- Shes just sensational.
But this latest adventure together was even more than either of us could ever have hoped for.
I started as a lovely lunch date (and watching Rosina devour her juicy Thai chicken was an erotic experience just for starters).
For desert we Drove back to our super lux suite in a top notch local hotel.
Where we snogged and enjoyed a few naughty licks and bites while we waited for our guests to arrive.
A Kinky Couple from a little village in Cumbria.
Did I say Kinky ? Wow! It was sensational. Were not exactly novices in the exploration of eachothers sexual thrills but these two were the horniest couple we ever encountered.
And as a bonus she was beautiful and he was as fit as could be.
I couldnt possible recount what we got up to.It would probably explode the screen.
The 4 hour lunch date continued non-stop till about 8.30 when we were finally completely knackered.
This was a diary day to beat all other diary days.
Thanks Rosina for joining me in this unforgettable afternoon of total debauchery.
(Cant wait to do it again LOL)
xxx Sand Dancer

- Sand Dancer

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Jan 21 2010, outcall

Apologies for the late review , but last year i was lucky enough to spend 3 hours with rosina before i went to las vegas for two weeks in a local hotel suite. it was my first time with her and genuinely gents your wish is her command! i cannot recommend her highly enough. She is as pert, taut and leggy as her photos and you will never forget your time with her. She brought a wardrobe full of lingerie to my booking with plenty of toys to match. Stop thinking about it and just book her. you will not regret it

- Ben

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Oct 14 2009, outcall

Well doesn't time fly.
Another month gone by and time for my latest treatment form Nurse Rosina.
Ive mentioned before that her treatment techniques are a bit unusual.
This one was quite unique too., and involved a trip to a private remote country house clinic in a lovely old country mansion converted into a high class hotel where we enjoyed a couple of hours of sensual group therapy administered by a couple of experts skilled in the art of imaginative sexual stimulation.
The treatment worked wonders for me and Rosina thoroughly enjoyed it too.
All in all it was a diary day above all other diary days.
Thanks Darlin. You never dissapoint me
I wonder what we'll do next time

- Sand Dancer

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Jul 22 2009, incall

Well what can I say I was 1130 am at rosina home walk in she look fucking great sex on legs she kiss me then had a chat told her it was my first time she said ok don't worry she talk to me ask what I like the u told me to stand up but I thort we where going to the bed room but no she unzip me and started to suck my cock! The she rim me and showed me moves I didn't think were posable fuck her ass and u name it we did it what a fuck great xxx thank u rosina from Edinburgh u mo who x

- 1sttimer

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Jul 8 2009, incall

When I first visited Rosina’s clinic a few weeks ago, I was a bit surprised by her unique therapeutic techniques.
She was definitely unorthadox. But her therapy worked wonders for me.
I took out a special medical insurance policy to ensure I could get continuous treatment from her.
At first my insurers were not very co operative. They said my problem was more like cosmetic surgery, and was not a life threatening essential requirement.
I protested and told them my quality of life definitely depended upon Rosina’s special techniques.
Now I am delighted they have agreed to refer me to Rosina’s clinic for all my future requirements.
I’ve just had a treatment session with this wonderful woman and found to my delight she has devised a long term treatment plan for me which does not depend upon medication (apart from a Viagra tablet or two)
Her treatment is almost entirely Physical, relying upon lots of vigorous erotic exercises.
Rosina is the most erotically accomplished lady I have ever known.
She is without doubt a superstar and
I am a very happy man.
I cant wait for my next appointment
xxx Sand dancer

- Sand Dancer

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Jun 26 2009, incall

Amazing!! Rosina is everything her website suggests as well as more. Rosina will make you feel relaxed and re-energized, whilst giving you an amazing experience. She is never aggressive (unless you ask her to be), always welcoming and very kind to shy newcomers.

- Alex

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • May 21 2009, incall

Dearest Rosina,
Last week I was very run down
So tired and lacking in energy
I consulted my doctor who recommended a course of
over the counter vitamins which didn’t help at all.
Then I heard of your private clinic offering specialist
consultation, clinical examination, psychological advice, and particular
treatment to create wellbeing and good health in older gentlemen.
I’m so glad I enrolled for a trial examination and first course of treatment.
Your relaxing massage soothed away all my anxieties and your following
examinations, although very intimate, were so thorough that I lost all inhibitions
and my whole body was invigorated so much more than I would ever have expected.
I feel so much better that I have just decided to leave the NHS and sign up for private medical insurance so I can receive a personal monthly check up in your professional care.
My sincere gratitude
Sand dancer xxx

- Sand Dancer

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • May 18 2009, incall

First visit and I will be back. Stunning body, friendly attitude and a flithy lady! Not going to go into details but she did things I never tried before and I loved it!

- MikeyQ

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Apr 6 2009, incall

Arranged at short notice for an afternoon incall at Rosina’s place for one hour. This is the fourth time I have had the pleasure of being with Rosina and she never disappoints. Since the booking was confirmed I couldn’t concentrate at work and had a hard-on most of the afternoon. Arrived at her flat and let in, as always she opened the door and not until it’s closed did I see what she was wearing – a silver bikini, tiny silver miniskirt, black hold-up fishnets and high heels. We kissed and went through to the lounge and sat on the settee with porn playing on the TV. Kissing continued and I fondled her magnificent breasts then Rosina turned her back on me and rubbed her arse in my groin so I slipped her bikini bottoms down and got my tongue to work in her bum hole and pussy whilst she was bent over – what a sight. Of course Rosina wasn’t quiet, she was egging me on telling me to lick her pussy and how much it was turning her on (and me). We broke so I could take a shower and as I was toweling off I could see Rosina spread-eagled on the bed, panties pulled to one side and the naughty girl was playing with herself with a vibrator and said she had watched me in the shower cleaning my cock. I then joined her on the bed and she started sucking my erect cock, but didn’t want to cum too soon so started on her pussy and clit with my tongue and although it took a while she shuddered to a climax which she later described as enormous and left her trembling – I so love it when she cums as she ‘s very loud and juicy. Rosina then slid a condom covered vibrator up my arse and gave me a very deep throat blow job which had me cumming in her mouth, as always she took great delight in swallowing the lot. Didn’t get round to fucking on this occasion but next time certainly will and hopefully see her squirting which Rosina has promised she will do whilst standing over me – can’t wait for that. Would thoroughly recommend Rosina to everyone, her body is superb, great breasts and perky nipples, succulent pussy, loves sex and is one very horny lady. Thanks Rosina for a wonderful time, look forward to seeing you again soon, you can again look forward to a prolonged oral session and me attending to your pussy and bum with my tongue. Xxxx till next time – may want to try a threesome ???

- Stevie

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Mar 25 2009, outcall

A few weeks ago I took a lady friend to see Rosina and, both being truly bisexual,they had a fun time together, whilst I enjoyed being the jam in the sandwich.

Rosina mentioned this in her Blog and I wrote a small discrete review in her

Unknown to me though, another certain raunchy lady friend had become an avid reader of Rosina’s posts and her famous reviews.
She told me she would love to meet Rosina, so how could I refuse her.

We arranged a discrete rendezvous and eagerly awaited the meeting.

A lot has been written aboutRosina's “body to die for”
Rubbish she has a body to live for and she knows how to live.

The lurid details of our encounter must be kept a secret for the three of us,
but in almost four years I have enjoyed the company of Rosina, from the first
tentative GFE to the introduction to her PSE and on to her whole repertoire ofhorny fun she guarantees on her profile,
I must rate this the most erotic full blown sexual experience ever.
These two ladies thoroughly enjoyed eachother and never left me out for a moment.


I’m a very happy punter
My legs are still wobbly even the next day

My friend “C” has contacted me at least five times to tell me how much fun she had
And I’m sure Rosina thoroughly enjoyed it too

Thanks Darlin You are indeed a star among stars

xxx HOG


  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Feb 28 2009, incall

Rosina never ceases to amaze me with her enthusiasm an attention to detail.A certain very horny lady friend of mine had been reading her reviews including those with a M / F Couple/
She asked if I would take her to see Rosina.
So I askede Rosina
"No problem - Bring her along" She replied
Is she "BI" asked Rosina -- "very" I replied
Well. we had to wait a whilt till we all had free time together and we finally got together.
I thought I would write a hot review but I just cant do it
It was such an unbelievably naughty time that if I tried to tell the lurid details, it would probably burn the screen off all your PC's
Lets just say all three of us had a wonderful time and cant wai to do it again
Thanks Rosina from a ver happy HOG and my still tremblong girlfriend. xxxxx


  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Nov 25 2008, incall

Had a great time'de-stress time' with Rosina last night. I saw her about 3 years ago and she still looks as gorgeous as ever.
I had forgotten how tenderly spoken Rosina was, her voice is really caring, polite and softly spoken with a genuine female beauty and intelligence in her tome which complents her great figure and beautiful face. From the moment I arrived to the moment I left I was made to feel...........I don't know I am lost for words..... she's just amazing .
I can't wait for our next meeting. (Hopefully seeing her again in 3 days!!). The only dissapointment is mine - when I ask my self the queston why did I wait 3 years until we met again xxxxx

Thanks again Rosina xx

- mark

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Nov 8 2008, incall

I don't usually write reports but I must just tell you a bit about Rosina! I had been trying to see here for ages and at last my moment arrived. She was dressed in the red PVC just as requested with porn on the TV. After a glass of red wine she sent me to the bedroom for a little punishment. Tied to the bed (hands and feet) and blindfolded and then the teasing began. I'm not going to give you the details of this except to say for an older guy like me, it produced sensations that I thought had almost disappeared!!

Thank you Rosina - I'l be back!


- Davexx

  • Service: Tie & Tease
  • Aug 15 2008, incall

I’m one of the lucky guys who have had the pleasure of Rosina’s company for many years; I was even possibly one of her early punts – How lucky is that? Over recent years I have worked away, so when I moved back to the North East, one of the best things I did was to go see Rosina and re-establish our friendship.

Wow!! Things just get better, although she couldn’t remember me on the phone, when we met she could remember me from far back. I had requested Red Lingerie, the full Monty, and she didn’t disappoint. She looked absolutely stunning, in fact I was gutted that it had been so long since I had last seen her.

Off to the bedroom we went for the full Rosina experience, and a totally fantastic one it was, this is a lady who certainly knows how to please, but more importantly she loves her work, which makes the time spent with Rosina all that more special. I would say that I have visited quite a few women around the UK; Rosina is by far Premier League and up there with the very best if not the best.

I don’t really want to share with you guys the precise detail my liaison with this fantastic lady, save to say, I’m pleased to be back up here, really cant wait to see Rosina again, don’t waste any time, and make the most of a most fantastic experience, she is very special – thank you Rosina xx

- David One